About InavitIQ Leadership


Welcome to inavit IQ leadership

inavit iQ leadership is a South African company. Our approach is characterised by mindful collaboration with business leaders to understand the organisation’s leadership landscape. This understanding informs the conceptualisation of a leadership-led business transformation journey that will enable sustainable organisational performance and health. Our solutions focus on building leadership community capacity and excellence at a number of levels, namely Intrapersonal, Intra-Team, Inter-Team, Leadership Community and Brand Reputation. We are committed towards making your company the best it can be, because your leaders are the best leaders they can be.


As a philosophy, inavit iQ Leadership and its affiliate companies strongly believe that we serve clients best by focussing on the things we do very well, and partnering with companies who have complementary offerings. Only two things are really important to us: (1) the excellence of what we deliver, and (2) our reputation with clients, partners, providers and competitors.

our business

We have been in business as individual companies and a collaborative group for 25 years and have a proud history. More than 70% of our business is repeat business. With some clients we have relationships of 10 years or more.

our values

  • Utmost integrity in EVERYTHING we do.
  • Professional delivery.
  • Customer excellence.
  • Individual and collective performance.

our team

Is a highly experienced and academically qualified team.The core team has been together for almost 10 years. We have significant partnerships , also with esteemed local and international institutions.