Our Approach

To create solutions that leverage business opportunities, address critical business challenges, and realise targeted business benefits, the different inavit iQ companies follows a unique approach based on the following logic:

  • The realisation of specific business benefits (such as operating profit, top-line revenue and market share)
  • are dependent on the creation of customer delight (loyal and satisfied customers)
  • which is a direct result of the delivery of value added products / services
  • by high performing people
  • who work in an fit-for-purpose work environment (organisation capacity with respect to business process, organisation structure, human capital, information flow and technology),
  • who are led and managed by capable, competent and credible leadership
  • towards a common goal and strategy
  • that address the dynamics of the competitive landscape in an innovate manner that builds the business brand and reputation.

BVM Strategy Graphic (Leadership) 2




Business Value Model ™

The Business Value Model allows us to, throughout solution design, focus on the key levers that will impact positively on business value add. Our aim is therefore to create sustainable business solutions that leverage business opportunities and address critical business challenges in a value adding way to realise targeted business benefits. inavit iQ leadership provides solutions predominantly in the areas of Leadership and Culture.

Our approach to working with clients in building sustainable organisational performance and health begins with the requisite positioning of leadership excellence. Our solutions focus on ensuring leadership excellence at a number of levels, namely Intrapersonal, Intra-Team, Inter-Team, Leadership Community and Brand Reputation. Our approach when working with clients is characterised by true partnership, collaboration and the co-creation of solutions.


Based on this approach, solutions are customised and specific to the needs of the client, and often require the integration of various methodologies.


Achieving organisational performance and health requires firstly to have a systemic view of the organisation's leadership landscape as informed by the BVM. The table below summarises the questions related to understanding the leadership landscape.

BVM Questions


What We Do

Mindful collaboration with business leaders to understand the organisation’s leadership landscape, enables the conceptualisation of the leadership-led journey required.
The diagram below provides an overview of our approach:


What We do 2


What We Offer

Examples of specific offerings include:


What We Offer 2



What We Promise

Your experience with us will yield the following:

  • Our solutions are academically sound
  • We connect with and to the hearts, minds and feelings of our client
  • Our solutions focus on required results and business benefits

Our specific business value-add across different levels in the organisation are as follows:

What We Promise 2