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On Leading from the Front (or not)

By Dr. Anton Verwey

Over the past few months I have had the privilege of working with a small family owned business on what is effectively a business rescue and turnaround journey. Over and above the more “technical” aspects that need to be addressed, such as standardisation of business processes, introduction of fit-for-purpose technologies, clarity […]

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Important considerations for spotting leadership talent

In a world that is complex, uncertain and fast paced, finding true talent that is capable of dealing with such volatility and complexity is key. Within these ever complex and changing organisational contexts, finding and developing leadership talent has become much more than an empty buzzword; it has become a strategic and operational tool […]

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Integrated Leadership Dvelopment

A while ago we had a conversation with one of our clients. They implemented a well thought through leadership development approach for their senior leaders. The programme included participation in a social learning networks, reflective leadership journaling and utilised an inquiry-based team process (an ongoing cycle of inquiry: question, investigate, reflect, and improve). Excellent […]

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Is Leadership Really Important?

Some weeks ago, we attended a book launch hosted by our friends at Knowledge Resources (we were invited to the function as we are the authors of one of the books that was being launched). At this event, five books were introduced. Four of these were on leadership, and one on project management. Why […]

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